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The Word on Business: Speaking Success Scripturally - (A Best Seller!) - 31% savings
What does the Bible, God’s Word, have to say about your business? Experience the Truth & Power of the Word of God in your business like never before! Becky shares powerful, positive confessions of scripture that hold the power to transform your life and business. This 63 minute audio is a must have for any Believer that is in business. 

Master Your Success Faster - 38% savings

You’re About To Discover My Step-By-Step System For Maximizing Every Area Of Your Business, Exploding Your Sales, Enrolling Large Numbers of New Recruits, and Taking Control of Your Financial Future.  If you’d like to skyrocket your entire direct sales business, this is the program for you!  It is one of the most comprehensive of it's kind with all the workbooks, tools, scripts, handouts you need to implement and take action right away.  Master the following topics faster that are included for pre-recorded training on-demand:  Organization, Systems & Success Accountability, Mind-set, Bookings, Host Coaching, Party Attendance, Creative Sales, Party/ Show Experience, Overcome Obstacles & Objections, Sponsoring, and New Consultant Success.  Plus 6 Bonus Expert Calls covering mind mapping, branding, and more!

2017-2018 Master Your Business Faster Planner - 49% savings                                                                                                        ... is YOUR SECRET WEAPON for success! PRINTED AND DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR!  

This planner has supported many leaders in creating extremely successful businesses by providing a month at a glance. It is a planning tool to help you: Focus on income producing activities,
Find unusual or creative groups to prospect, Create fun themes for parties, prospecting, meetings, and team building, Set goals and intentions for personal as well as team business,  Track specials, promotions, goals, wins, growth, celebrations, and more!  This will help you create a proven system for weekly and monthly activities with these tools included:  Weekly planning sheets, Goal setting and achieving sheets, Track your hosting and recruiting efforts, Contact Information Page for important numbers, Monthly Focus Worksheet (for both personal and team business), Personal & Professional Goals & Ideas Priority Worksheet, How to Get to Where You Desire Worksheet, Monthly Celebrations Worksheet, Online Party Worksheet, Monthly Expense Tracker, Lead Follow Up List, Mileage Log, National Conference Savings Plan, Meal Planning Worksheet, Greater But Later Worksheet, Inspirational quotes, 15- Minute Miracle, Section for Notes, Section for Gratitude Thoughts. 

Profit on Purpose and Be Wildly Successful - 21% savings                                                                                                    Success can be fun… and on purpose!  The formula is simple – and the plan can be fun for you, your hosts and your customers – as well as your team!  In this audio Becky shares proven tips, ideas and specific “how-to’s” to help you finish the year stronger than you ever thought possible, enjoy your life and the holidays, and grow your business to be wildly successful…all while profiting on purpose and without stress!  You will walk away from this call with:  Success Formula with “How-to’s”, Tips and Ideas for a fabulous finish to the year and strategically plan for the best year yet in your biz, including: Bookings, Prospecting, Sponsoring, Increasing Income, Team Leadership, Organization, and fun themes.

Extraordinary Success Series Bundle - Fundraising, Vendor Events & Confidence - 48% savings                                Fundraising - Extraordinary Success to Fundraising is the complete toolkit for creating successful fundraising events, gaining new connections, and rapidly building your business.  Audio and tools included:  Fundraiser and Party Fundraiser Excel Tracking Sheets, Fundraiser Parent Letter, Fundraiser Interest Letter, Fundraiser Agreement Form, Fundraiser Guidelines Letter

Vendor Events -  Becky will share a secret with you as how to entice people to be curious about your opportunity. Extraordinary Success to Exposure and Vendor Events takes you step-by-step through:  Lead generation, Finding great events, Gaining unlimited connections, Questions to ask event coordinators before signing up and more.  Audio and tools included:  Drawing Slips, Vendor Exposure Event Checklist, Vendor Exposure Event Agreement, Vendor Exposure Event Schedule

Confidence - Experience your life and business BOLDLY with brand-new confidence in yourself, abilities, gifts, and talents. You have greatness inside of you that the world is waiting for.  Step-by-step, Becky will guide you through ending the fears and insecurities that rob you of your greatness and prepare you to begin living a life full of magnetic confidence.

Ask The Expert Series- 92% savings

This is the best of the best! Becky's TOP secrets to guiding you through the maze of direct sales and into the world of success. We have taken her best moments from her Ask the Expert phone calls and created almost 4 AMAZING hours of jam-packed, non-stop, tip after tip. Your BIGGEST questions....are answered. Your TOUGHEST problems.....have solutions. Your LACK OF MOTIVATION....gets inspired.

Booking & Sponsoring - Taking it to the Next Level - 56% savings

Booking- Would you like more bookings on your calendar? On this one hour bookings audio class you will learn:  Why women book parties, How to overcome common objections, Proven strategies what work…and aren’t “pushy”, Where to look for bookings, and learn the value or lack thereof with playing games at parties!

Sponsoring - Do you desire to take your Sponsoring to the Next Level? Would you like to address your prospect’s objections before they arise? Do you want HOT tips that REALLY work? Learn how to make it hard for your prospect to say “No” with the language of success! Get the YES, Connect, & GROW!

Take Action Incentives - (for Leaders) - 31% savings

Create action, accountability & results in this ebook! Discover why incentives work, what moves people to action, low cost & no cost rewards… plus so much more! Incentive Handouts, Trackers and Planning sheets included to increase sales, sponsoring, bookings, team growth, attendance. There are also great theme ideas included to transform your business and your team!  12 incentives ready to print and use today!

Goof Proof Sponsoring - (A Best Seller!)  - 11% savings

You will discover the Goof Proof Sponsoring formula that makes sponsoring enjoyable, simple, and brings results in recruits for a lifetime.  Includes the goof proof script for sponsoring and Becky's secret sauce that supported her in building her multi-million dollar team.  Discover:  Exercises to identify Prospects, Successful sponsoring language that really works, What to do when your warm market gives you the cold shoulder, The Power of Exploration and Navigation …plus so much more!  






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