This is the best of the best! Becky's TOP secrets to guiding you through the maze of direct sales and into the world of success. We have taken her best moments from her Ask the Expert phone calls and created almost 4 AMAZING hours of jam-packed, non-stop, tip after tip. Your BIGGEST questions....are answered. Your TOUGHEST problems.....have solutions. Your LACK OF MOTIVATION....gets inspired.

These audio disks include:

Ask the Expert DVD with Case Vol IVOLUME I

Duration: 40 minutes Topics Include:

  • Increase attendance for live trainings and conference calls
  • Ideas to motivate & inspire your team
  • How to increase guests for home events
  • Punctuality: tips, tricks & the importance of honoring time
  • Secret formulas to recruiting and sponsoring
  • Customer incentive strategies

Ask the Expert DVD with Case Vol IIVolume II

Duration: 46 minutes

Topics Include:

  • Tips & guidelines for follow-up to increase excitement
  • How to get a YES… any time of year
  • 3 Action steps to business growth
  • How to increase your confidence in sponsoring
  • Language for sponsoring success
  • How to get appointments to hold
  • How to successfully book shows… even in a new location
  • Becky’s ultimate success formula
  • How to have a successful personal and team business
  • Vendor events tips
  • How to get team members to team meetings
  • What a team meeting should look like

Ask the Expert DVD with Case Vol IIIVolume III

Duration: 52 minutes

Topics Include:

  • Current topics and trends in direct selling
  • Choosing ONE direct selling company: Aligning with your passion
  • Becky’s top 3 booking tools
  • Cold calling and connecting in a a new area
  • Closing statements in 1 on 1 scenarios
  • Fresh starts for new seasons in your business

Ask the Expert DVD with Case Vol IVVolume IV

Duration: 60 minutes

Topics Include:

  • Tips to inspire your team & increase meeting attendance
  • Fun meeting ideas
  • Utilizing virtual tools for long distance recruits
  • Introducing your company to a New Area
  • Hosting Facebook parties
  • Different approaches to smart selling
  • How to re-start your business if you have no bookings

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