Master Your Business Growth Faster

Attention: Team Leaders

“If you are ready to explode your income,magnetize new prospects into your business, attract new clients and customers for you and your team, and book more parties and sales than ever before...

– then read on to learn more about the powerful transformation experience!”

CDR_08102013_0948Dear Leaders, If you’re reading this then chances are you’re someone who wants to get out there in a bigger, bolder way AND inspire your team to live the life of their dreams. If you want make a difference in your life, and in the lives of your team members, while building a 6-figure or multiple 6-figure business, earning that car, and/or receiving a free vacation, then I have an important question for you…

Do You Have a Big Vision For The Business You Want To Create, But You Just Don’t Have A Plan To Get Your Team There?

You went into business because you wanted to make a difference in your life and in the world. You also wanted the freedom to do what you love and create a lifestyle you love. But despite the fact that you have brought in new team members and customers, you still don’t feel that you are reaching your fullest potential. It can be frustrating, because even if you are able to continually get yourself focused and motivated, you have to NOW figure out how to get your team on the right track. Do you ever hear any of these complaints from yourself or your team members...

  • You work much harder than you want to, and you still earn a lot less than you’re worth?
  • You feel like you’re spinning your wheels, because your business is in the same place that it was 12 months ago?
  • You want to share the vision with a lot more people than you are now?
  • You feel exhausted and frustrated by your business – and don’t know how to “fix” it?
  • You lack a clear focused plan that you could put into action and shift your business into a whole new level of income and freedom?
  • You know that with the right guidance, you could achieve great things in your business?

If you answered “Yes” to one or more of these questions, then you’re in the right place and I invite you to join me for…

Master Your Business Growth Faster: The Team Training Transformational Experience

Experience a team training that will help you create the life you love, a motivated team you love, and the business you love!

Business Training Secrets Of A Million Dollar Leader Revealed

During this teleclass training event, I will guide you through the biggest team transformations which allowed me to ramp up my business to over a million dollars in sales. I’ll teach you the concrete steps I’ve taken to build my businesses and we will work through a step-by-step plan, so you can model my success and create your own bigger business!

A Team Transformation That Will Rock Your World

As you already know, your business can only grow as fast as the motivation and momentum of the team behind it. During this training you and your team will get to experience life-altering shifts to break through limiting beliefs and create a financial wealth mindset. Your team will be stunned at what they will learn about themselves and what is holding them back from their business success.

4 Reasons why Master Your Business Growth Faster: The Team Transformation Experience is the single biggest gift you can give to yourself and your team...

1. You Will Learn The REAL Reasons People Join A Direct Sales Business.

Think about what it would be like to add 100, 200 or 1,000 more people to your team this year. How would that change your lifestyle? How much more confident and powerful would you feel?

Would you feel less stressed if you were able to work less and play more? Start thinking about these things because this is where I'm going to take you. If you knew the "secret sauce" of why people really want to join your business, then you and your team can stop spinning your wheels and begin magnetizing new people into your business faster than ever.

2. Each Person Will Learn How To Create Their Personalized Success Plan.

You and your team will receive the ultimate Transformation…in a serious way! It’s time for each person to put an end to “small thinking.” You and everyone on your team deserves wealth.

Never again be stopped by not knowing “how” to create huge success for your life and business. It’s time to welcome in the bolder version of you, which includes a team who is outrageously motivated and fueled with a positive outlook on their future. It’s time that you FINALLY discover how to build your dream business.

3. You Will Learn The Step-By-Step Instructions For A Two-Week "Relaunch" To Kick-Start Your Business.

One of my biggest secrets behind my rapid business growth is building a high energy team who are driven to create change in their business, their lives, and in the world. Take this opportunity to reconnect with inspire each other on your paths to creating 6-figure businesses.

If you’re authentic and serious about your desire to grow and expand then this is the kind of team environment that can change your life.

4. It Is Personalized...and FUN!

This is not a training of thousands of people crammed into an expo center. This teleclass is the chance for your team to make mind-blowing discoveries right in their home, with no travel expenses.

I experienced a change immediately! Myself & my team are experiencing accelerated growth and a refined and renewed purpose in our business. There is no doubt - I recommend Becky as a coach for you & your team. She will pull the best out of you and direct you to the place of growth and success.

-Freddie Charlton Exclusive Founding Younique Presenter

This training is customized exclusively for your team. Prior to the teleclass, I will connect with you to find out what specific questions or goals you have for your team, along with discovering how I can add maximum impact for your particular group dynamic. You’ll receive a one-on-one consultation to make sure that this training program will provide the greatest solutions for your team’s needs.

What does it mean for you when you have a Team Transformation Experience?

  • Build to new levels of income
  • Break through the unconscious blocks and fears that are in the way of your team’s success
  • Learn how to truly inspire others when you powerfully understand your “motivational why” and can effectively communicate your mission
  • Become 100% confident that your team can effectively magnetize people into your business
  • Experience higher conversions from your interviews. This means more “YESes”! Which means more new team members and… they are members that take action.
  • Create leaders who become bigger than their fears
  • Discover the difference between busyness vs business

This teleclass is your team's opportunity to discover how to live your passion, bust through fears, release all of the overwhelm, and make big transformation into a higher income – so you have more abundance, freedom, fun, and fulfillment in your life.

Take a moment to read what other leaders have experienced.....

suziI doubted myself and wondered if I needed to just end my Mary Kay career. I didn’t feel like an effective leader or even in my personal life. Becky was a working with a close friend and I could see the difference in my friend personally and in her business. I watched her grow and I wanted to reach out and grown in that way. I wanted things to be different. After my first conversation with Becky I felt hopeful. I felt that there might be a chance still for my business. Becky is open and honest. She doesn’t tell you what you want to hear, she guides through questions and lets you figure it out. She really cares about you as a person and she wants to she you have more and be the person God created you to be. Now I have hope and joy and I feel I am a more effective leader and person! I have recommended Becky to everyone that I know.

-Suzi Clary, Mary Kay

bonnie With your principles, I have grown my team to over 160 people this year! Thank You!

-Bonnie Jo Hoffman, doTerra

    wendyJust wanted to share my excitement with all of you! On October 1st, I was promoted to Ambassador with NYR Organic!!! My organization is exploding and I am thrilled! Thank you, Becky Spieth, for your mentorship!

-Wendy Livingstone, NYR Organic

During this Team Transformation you will discover:

  • Your motivating why
  • How your why will determine your success and “stick-to-it-iveness”
  • What affects your magnetism in your business
  • Your core values and how they influence your success
  • How to use the “motivating why” to sponsor and recruit new business partners
  • The simple shift to unlock you from:
    • Being stuck
    • Stinking Thinking
    • Self-Sabotage
  • How to harness the power to excel like never before (belief barrier breakthrough)
  • How to discover and take action on the income producing activities to propel your business forward
  • The difference between busyness and business
  • How to have career conversations with business partner prospects that not only convert, but are on fire to get started and keep consistently active with passion for their business.

Transformation Details At A Glance

Pre-Transformation: 30 minute consultation with you

Team Transformation: 90 minutes of customized transformation training with 30 Minutes of Q&A for you and your team

Post-Transfomation: 30 minutes of customized mentoring for you

Location: Teleclass

Dates: Will be agreed upon after registration


Bonus #1 Our BEST Ever "Ask The Expert" Audio Download - Value $147 This is one of my absolute FAVORITE Ask the Expert calls and it is available to you and your team through this program. This audio includes a dynamic “hot seat” coaching session where we cover topics such as:

  • Downfalls of inconsistency
  • Moving away from dread
  • Self-sabotage
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Tackling the overwhelm of our never-ending to-do lists

Bonus #2 Turn Your Goals Into Your Reality Worksheet - Value $97 Have you ever set a new year's resolution that you were really excited about, but had stopped pursuing somewhere around January 20th? All of us have great intentions when it comes to goal setting. But most of us do not have the tools to make them a reality. In 1979, interviewers asked new graduates from the Harvard’s MBA Program about their future goals and found that:

  • 84% had no specific goals at all
  • 13% had goals but they were not committed to paper
  • 3% had clear, written goals and plans to accomplish them

Twelve years later the three percent who had clear, written goals were earning, on average, ten times as much as the other 97 percent COMBINED! Make sure your team is in the 3 percent. This worksheet will guide them through clearly defining their goals and a plan of action towards achieving them.

Bonus #3 Conquer Productivity and Master Your Time Worksheet - Value $97

Do you or your team have any of these challenges?

  • Having trouble focusing on your top priorities, because you have way too many distractions and interruptions bogging you down?
  • Your to-do list keeps growing and growing, you can't keep up and you're feeling stressed and overwhelmed?
  • You procrastinate and put off starting on the projects that really matter to you? And then - you have trouble getting tasks finished?
  • You weren't 100% productive at work today, and perhaps your productivity level wasn't even 50%...

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, then this worksheet will help you and your team master time. This step-by-step worksheet will examine the causes of unproductive behavior – and share ways that you can conquer your time management skills and achieve productivity breakthroughs in your business. 

When You Want Something You've Never Had You've Got To Do Something You've Never Done

Making little changes is not going to change your situation much. You and your team are already working hard, so you know that working even harder isn't the solution. Are you ready to transform your team, to a whole new level of gaining customers, new team members, and generating income? It is time for your team to EXPERIENCE this TRANSFORMATION towards success.

“Yes, Becky! I am ready to take my team to the next level with Master Your Business: The Team Transformation Experience

  1. One 30 minute pre-transformation consultation with you- Valued at $200
  2. Customized transformation program for your team- Valued at $1,200
  3. One 60 minute live training call with your team. Valued at $400
  4. One 30 minute Q & A Session with your team. Valued at $200
  5. One 30 minute post-transformation and mentoring with you - Valued at $200
  6. Master Your Business: The Team Transformation Experience Ultimate Workbook –Valued at $197
  7. Bonus #1 Our BEST Ever "Ask The Expert" Audio Download – Valued at $147
  8. Bonus #2 Turn Your Goals Into Your Reality Worksheet - Valued at $97
  9. Bonus #3 Conquer Productivity and Master Your Time Worksheet - Valued at $97