The Word on Business: Speaking Success Scripturally

What does the Bible, God’s Word, have to say about your business? Experience the Truth & Power of the Word of God in your business like never before! Becky shares powerful, positive confessions of scripture that hold the power to transform your life and business. This 63 minute audio is a must have for any Believer that is in business and covers the following topics:

  • God’s Plan for Me & My Business
  • I Believe & Overcoming
  • I’ve Got the Power
  • Money Matters
  • Confidence, Not Rejection
  • Not Stress, God’s Peace
  • The Best Decision I Ever Made

Join Becky as you come into agreement with the Word of God, Increase in Faith, and Pray together for you to fulfill the destiny that God has placed in your heart. You will want to listen to this over and over again!