2019 Master Your Business Faster Planner


Income producing activities are the life blood for ANY business. However, many people believe they ARE focusing on income producing activities when really....they are just BUSY. Being busy does NOT always create more income. It is similar to running on a hamster wheel. Checking off all your daily tasks is great but, did you simply consume your time with “stuff” to do like clean the office, check your email, or surf Facebook? OR did you move your business forward towards building a fabulous income?

Have you ever wanted someone to “just tell me what to do” to be successful in business, or give you ideas to be creative to keep the business exciting?

Let’s be honest, we all get bored from time to time or feel like we have exhausted all the possibilities for prospecting, booking, sponsoring, fundraising, and creating creative meetings and events.

What about having a snapshot of what you were doing that created the success you enjoy so that you could accurately repeat it again?

The 2019 Master Your Business Faster Planner is YOUR SECRET WEAPON for success!

"Becky, I absolutely love the Master your Business Faster Planner! It has all the necessities a mumpreneur needs to run a business, and still be super mom. It allows me to work from day to day with a clear focus on what I want to accomplish that day, as well as having a weekly and monthly goal. This is truly amazing, it's what I have been looking for. It's my new agenda book, my strategy book, it is by far the best planner I have seen. And I've seen a lot! Thank you so much, Becky, for creating such a wonderful planner with so much inspiration!!"

-Connie Hurtado

You can also use this as a tool for reflection and planning next year. It takes the guesswork out of forecasting by helping you identify what worked well. This supports you in keeping accurate record of what worked well, what promotions you ran, track your success as well as course correction.

Here is a glimpse at the 2019 Master Your Business Faster Planner...


We’ve added some incredible new resources for this year's planner...

Monthly and Weekly Views...


The 2019 Master Your Business Faster Planner has supported many leaders in creating extremely successful businesses by providing a month at a glance. It is a planning tool to help you:

  • Full 12 months of planning (January 2019-December 2019)
  • Focus on the most unique income producing activities
  • Find unusual or creative groups to prospect to due to unique holidays, celebrations,and remembrances
  • Create fun themes for parties, prospecting, meetings, and team building
  • Set goals and intentions for personal as well as team business
  • Track specials, promotions, goals, wins, growth, celebrations, and more!
  • Determine your Income Producing Activities and when you will execute them, eliminating wasted time and energy trying to figure out what to do and when to do them.
  • Create a proven system for weekly and monthly activities
  • Weekly planning sheets
  • Goal setting and achieving sheets
  • Track your hosting and recruiting efforts
  • Contact Information Page for important numbers
  • Monthly Focus Worksheet (for both personal and team business)
  • Personal & Professional Goals & Ideas Priority Worksheet
  • How to Get to Where You Desire Worksheet
  • Monthly Celebrations Worksheet
  • Online Party Worksheet
  • Monthly Expense Tracker
  • Lead Follow Up List
  • Mileage Log
  • National Conference Savings Plan
  • Meal Planning Worksheet
  • Greater But Later Worksheet
  • Inspirational quotes
  • 15- Minute Miracle
  • Section for Notes
  • Section for Gratitude Thoughts

It is also a great place to jot your thoughts on how you would course correct or prepare differently for a similar project or month in the future. Be sure to fill in each month completely. It supports you with creating systems for success, forecasting, and business planning.

Starting any day with a game plan of what we’ll accomplish will point us in the right direction. Starting the entire 12 months with a game plan....is a recipe for success!