Extraordinary Success to Fundraising

This is THE opportunity to explode your income and your prospect list in a very short amount of time. Becky has worked with hundreds of leaders on fundraising events. She has held fundraisers to collect a few thousand dollars all the way up to $15,000. Extraordinary Success to Fundraising is the complete toolkit for creating successful fundraising events, gaining new connections, and rapidly building your business. Becky gives step-by-step instructions on:

Where do I start with fundraisers?
How do I find fundraisers?
How do I create a successful fundraising event?
Becky has included a 1-hour audio download along with these downloadable forms:

Fundraiser and Party Fundraiser Excel Tracking Sheets
Fundraiser Parent Letter
Fundraiser Interest Letter
Fundraiser Agreement Form
Fundraiser Guidelines Letter
If you need a new approach to your success in 2014, Extraordinary Success to Fundraising is your step in generating new business, new relationships, and an explosive new income.

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