Master Your Success Faster

Attention: Direct Sales Business Entrepreneurs

“You’re About To Discover My Step-By-Step System For Maximizing Every Area Of Your Business, Exploding Your Sales, Enrolling Large Numbers of New Recruits, and Taking Control of Your Financial Future.”

If you’d like to skyrocket your entire direct sales business – read on to learn more about this powerful training program.

Dear Direct Seller, The direct sales industry is rapidly growing. There are now over 60 million consultants around the world accounting for over $114 billion in sales.

This rapid growth is fabulous news. It is a chance to build large teams and create amazing wealth for you and your family….IF you are prepared.

Learn How to Capitalize On This Rapid Growth and Increase Your Wealth WHILE Gaining More Free Time To Do What You Love To Do.

You joined a Direct Sales company because you want to make a difference in your life. Maybe you just want a little extra money to pay for a family vacation, a new car, or pay off debt. Or maybe you want to build a huge wealth portfolio, live in your dream house, and travel the world.

But regardless of what your goals are, the bottom line is that you just want to make your life better – you aren’t willing to settle, but you need to know where to begin.

Whether it’s getting systems in place, understanding the best fundraising techniques, how to fill your calendar with bookings, or how to make the most money in the least amount of time, there is a lot of information, tools, and techniques to learn.

It can be overwhelming to figure out how to adapt this business to your, already busy, schedule.

You started this business because you wanted to have more time and money to do the things you want to do. But you get bogged down with outdated systems and techniques that take up too much of your precious time.

Have you ever experienced any of these?

  • You feel paralyzed to move forward because of the overwhelming amount of things you need to-do.
  • You don’t follow up with prospects out of fear or not knowing exactly what you should say.
  • You don’t want to feel too pushy but you want to build a good monthly income.
  • You can’t find a consistent method that works for you and your schedule.
  • You feel tired and unmotivated.
  • Your calendar is empty and you have no idea where to begin.

The FIVE Biggest Destroyers of Your Business

I have worked with thousands of direct sellers across the United States and these are the 5 biggest destroyers of your business

(1) Outdated tools:

Your upline teaches you the tools and techniques that their upline taught them. It may have been a great system for some of them, but what is the best system for you in your life right now? I will show you the greatest tools that direct sellers are using THIS year to increase their business.

(2) Unsupportive Spouse or Difficulty with Life/Work Balance:

It is difficult to create a successful business when a spouse is unsupportive. It is really difficult to convince your spouse to be supportive if you are having difficulty with the balance between your family and your business. I will share with you how to get your spouse’s support and build a system that allows you to find the best way to organize your professional, and personal, time.

(3) Lack of Organization:

In order to create success, you need a system for success. Lack of organization means lack of productivity, lack of motivation, and lack of progress. Systems are in place so that the entire process of your business runs smoothly. Those without efficient systems will find themselves in a cycle of being motivated for a period of time and then becoming overwhelmed and unproductive for a period of time. This up and down of your business is difficult for you, your family, your customers, and your team. I will teach you the simple, step-by-step process for building a system that will keep you on track day after day.

(4) Wasting Time:

Social media, bookings, coaching hostesses, filling orders, checking inventory, sending emails…..all of these things need to be done, but which ones are we wasting time on? What are the most productive activities we need to focus on for our business? I will teach you the best income producing activities that you can use on a daily basis.

(5) Fear and Lack of Confidence:

Our mindset is the biggest hurdle to overcome in our business. Some of us are holding ourselves back because we are unsure what we should say or do. Others are hold themselves back because they have not quite achieved the financial mindset to push through to a higher level of income. Regardless of what mental obstacles you are creating for yourself, I will share with you the proven techniques for busting through the ceiling on your mindset.

One of the Most Fully Comprehensive Trainings of Its Kind

I have had so many direct sellers and leaders who were at their wit’s end. They needed a complete system to build their businesses. I have heard comments such as:

"I am so overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done. I don't even know where to start."

"I get caught in a cycle of being motivated and then I become overwhelmed and lose motivation. I just need a plan/systems that will work for my life"

"I feel like I need to improve in so many areas, I'm not sure where to begin."

"I want success quickly. But there are only 24 hours in a day. How do I maximize my time?"

Wow! These direct sellers were tired of small trainings that placed little band-aids over specific areas. They were ready to have a training that took them step-by-step through every area of their business.

This is why I created the Master Your Success Faster Program.

This program is the ultimate system in potentially doubling, tripling, or even quadrupling the number of parties, sales, income, and new recruits into your business.

What if you had training that could increase your wealth without increasing the amount of time you are working on your business?

You don’t have to work HARDER. You just need the tools, techniques, and systems to work SMARTER.

Here is what other Direct Sellers are saying about my trainings…..

This year I was recognized as #3 Top Director Unit in all of BeautiControl!! I was also in the $30,000+ Sales Club and #21 Top Recruiting Director. Thank you Becky for your countless hours of coaching, training, mentoring, prayers and more! I love you and am blessed that God sent you to me! #1 Top Senior Director here we come!!

Joy Farley, BeautiControl Director

Ready For A “Business and Life Makeover?”

This is the MOMENT OF TRUTH.

  • Do you love your company and the products you sell?
  • Do you love doing the work you’re doing, because you’re passionate about serving other people?
  • Do you want to build an incredible business while having more free time for some of the stuff you love?
  • Are you ready to attract MORE CUSTOMERS AND RECRUITS easily and effortlessly?

If your heart is responding with a resounding “YES”, then stick with me, because I’m here to offer you the same “transformation” I’ve shown hundreds of successful direct sellers.

I’ve had clients who have gone from total fear of rejection and completely lost in their business to looking forward to every single party, recruiting interview, and sales phone call.

This is YOUR chance to create a new possibility in your own life.

I want to show you how to overcome your fear, discomfort, lack of organization. I want you to confidently offer your products, help more people, and make more money in your business.

You’re about to learn the EXACT SYSTEM I've used over and over to take Direct Sellers from the point of almost quitting to earning their cars and vacations.

You'll learn the same step-by-step process that hundreds of my clients have used to build large, successful, and motivated teams.

Just a few of these steps could change your business drastically enough to cover the cost of this program. In fact, the Master Your Success Faster Program is the only program I know that gives you ALL of the critical elements you need to be successful with your direct sales business.

(1) A Step-By-Step System For Successfully Building All Areas of Your Business

You will have a proven step-by-step system that you can follow during each and every time you have a party, fundraising event, recruit interview, hostess coaching, selling your products, follow up phone calls, scheduling your calendar, overcoming objections….and so much more. In fact, I’ll give you detailed scripts that show you exactly what to say through the different areas of your business. No more guessing, fumbling, and fear of rejection about your business.

(2) A Training Program For Getting Organized, On-Track, and Working With a System that WORKS!

You’ll discover new strategies and step-by-step methods designed to help attract as many customers and recruits as you want. The more parties you have, the more recruits you’ll be able to have, by using the Master Your Success Faster system for conducting your business and turning potential hostesses and recruits into a “YES.”

(3) The Tools to Transform Your Mind-Set And Build Your Confidence

If you dread making phone calls or following up with potential recruits….or if the thought of “selling” your products and opportunity makes you uncomfortable... And if you’re ready to have a breakthrough... then the Master Your Success Faster includes bonus tools designed to help you step into a whole new level of confidence!

The thing I’m personally MOST excited about is that this course is available to your 24 hours a day 7 days a week! That’s right….this program is available to your on YOUR schedule to help you increase your impact and take control of your destiny.

Are You Ready to Invest Just a Few Hours Into Your Business In Order to Change Your Future?

Just a few hours of this training can have a huge impact on your productivity and your life. It only takes learning one key technique or practice for you to have a major breakthrough on your biggest business challenges in the areas of:

  • Exploding your sales
  • Enrolling large numbers of new recruits
  • Taking control of your financial future

Here are The Skills You Will Master Faster from the 12 In-Depth Modules

MODULE #1: Master Your Organization Faster

My exact step-by-step formula I use to help my clients organize their schedules and their life. Building a business can take over your life… if you let it.


In this module you will learn the key to increasing your success AND maintaining a healthy family and personal life which relies on your ability to get organized.

However, some people are overly organized which can also decrease their productivity. In this training we will cover everything from setting up your office, creating a filing system, organizing your calendar, and getting things crossed off your to-do list!

Topics covered:

      • Productivity Essentials - How to turn 11 hours a week into $1,000 a month
      • The Pitfalls of Your Current System - Dangers of being under or over organized
      • Home Office Organization - How to set up your Office
      • Crossing off the To-Do List - Turn Time Management into Tah-Dahs
      • Everything You Need at Your Finger Tips – Setting up a binder system that works for every area of your business
      • Conquer the Chaos – Getting control over your calendar
      • Tackling the House - How to handle household chores (especially with kids)

Free Bonuses:

(1) Tah-Dah List - $60 Value

  • Daily Goals
  • Daily Prospects List
  • Phone Call List Outbound and Inbound
  • High Importance/ High Urgency List
  • Social Media Checkboxes
  • Email Checkboxes
  • List of things to Delegate

(2) Conquer Your Productivity and Master Your Time Worksheet - $97 Value Do you struggle with any of these challenges?

  • Having trouble focusing on your top priorities, because you have way to many distractions and interruptions bogging you down?
  • Your to-do list keeps growing and growing, you can’t keep up and you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed?
  • You procrastinate and put off starting on the projects that really matter to you? And then – you have trouble getting tasks finished?
  • You weren’t 100% productive at work today, and perhaps your productivity wasn’t even 50%...

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then this worksheet will help you and your team master time.

This step-by-step worksheet will examine the causes of unproductive behavior – and share ways that you can conquer your time management skills and achieve productivity breakthroughs in your business.

(3) Income Producing Activities Calendar - $197 Value

  • Monthly Observances to Spark Ideas for Prospecting and Doing Intentional Business with adding in the fun factor with creative ideas
  • Daily and Weekly Income Producing Activities List
  • Monthly Focus for goal setting and reflection

(4) 3 Weekly Chore/ Accomplishment Charts for Children

MODULE #2: Master Your Systems and Success Accountability Faster

My Step-by-Step Systems for Creating a Duplicable and Profitable Business


In this module we will streamline and simplify how you do business in a fashion that increases productivity and profits and allows time for creatively executing your business.

Have you ever wondered, "Am I doing all the components to create the business and profit I desire?”

Perhaps you ask yourself, “How do others do this business with ease, regardless of their team size?” Have you ever thought or said to yourself, “I don’t know if I could grow past where I am now because I can hardly keep up with what I am doing?”

Streamlining your business is essential for creating a business that can bring a new level of success and clarity, and can also be duplicable to your team members. It affords you peace of mind, knowing that you have the essential business components covered to create the success you desire. Take back your life and enjoy more success by executing proven systems for:

  • What You Do Now Impacts What You Do in 90 Days
  • Create a Systematic Way of Working Keeping it Simple and Duplicable
  • The Importance of Tracking
  • Increase Your Productivity and Decrease Your Energy and Productivity Drains
  • Ticklers – Set up office systems and learn how to never miss connecting with your prospects, customers and Hosts.
  • Keep the important things at your fingertips and remember to use them.
  • Track Your Tax Deductions – What to categories to track
  • Coaching, Mentoring, Training – What’s the difference? Discover who can best serve you and how.
  • Accountability Partnerships

Free Bonuses:

(1) Tax Deduction & Expense Report – Live Excel Sheet - $397 value This worksheet will help keep track of:

  • Income
  • Business Deductions
  • Vehicle Information
  • Home Expenses
  • Capital Items
  • Home Office Expenses
  • Inventory

(2) New Consultant Welcome Template - $97 value

This worksheet will help keep track of:

  • Powerful tool for welcoming all of your New Consultants
  • First steps-to-success outlined to maximize those crucial first days for success
  • Connection and Communication procedures
  • Where to connect to find the tools for New Consultants
  • How to formulate their “Personal Success Plan”
  • Important Meeting Dates

(3) Time Tracking Sheet- $97 value

  • Ever wonder where the day went? You might be surprised where you are spending your time.
  • Struggle with determining how to prioritize your time, tasks, and goals? Struggle no more! Be empowered by taking control of your time, by first determining where you are and how much of your time you are spending time.
  • It is recommended that you use this tool for 7 days to determine a baseline for where your time is going.

(4) 30 Day Prospecting Challenge - $97 value

  • Use this tool to not only challenge yourself as well as your team.
  • Systemizing a way to track and keep track of your prospecting will increase your productivity. Use this tool and watch your business expand beyond your wildest imagination.

(5) Accountability Alliance Worksheets/ Forms

  • Accountability Alliance Goal and Commitment Form - $197 value
  • Accountability Alliance Meeting Form - $97 value

MODULE #3: Master Your Mind-set Faster

Bust Through Belief Barriers and What Do You Really Believe About Your Business and Success?

In this module you will learn how to bust through the beliefs that are holding you back and feel empowered to believe in yourself and your success.

It's time to move past the "No's" and the rejections you have received in the past. Let's stop being stuck and push forward towards your dreams!

In this module we will explore:

  • Belief Barriers - The same old thinking gives you the same old results.
  • Garbage In Garbage Out - Positive/ Negative Thinking and Words
  • Promises
  • What is my worth? Finding the value in yourself
  • Transformational vocabulary - The most effective word usage for yourself
  • The Word on Business
  • Ensuring Others Respect my Boundaries
  • Your Servomercial – What do you do? Why do you do it?
  • No, No, and Who Do You Know?

Free Bonuses:

(1) The Power of Words- Transformational Vocabulary. Value $97

By shifting the words we use we can see a significant shift in our attitudes, daily routines, how others view us and we are received, as well as in our actions

(2) 100 No Challenge- Workbook. Value $197

This workbook will help you overcome the mindset of hearing No and supporting you in realizing that No is not a personal rejection and rewards you for gathering Nos while offering your services. Want an empowering challenge that builds your confidence in prospecting and offering your services? This workbook challenges you:

  • To Shop – become a valued customer
  • To Save – to be a host and earn host benefits
  • To Profit – to try the business on for size
  • To Fundraise – raise funds for your favorite cause or charity
  • To Refer a Friend – for you to serve

MODULE #4: Master Your Bookings Faster

My Step-by-Step System for Getting As Many Bookings As You Want


This module includes proven systems and handouts that you can use to skyrocket the number of bookings on your calendar.

Regardless what time of the year or where you are at you can keep your calendar jam-packed with appointments.

Topics Covered in the module:

  • Creating projections for the year.
  • Discovering why people schedule parties.
  • How to creating an offer they can't resist.
  • Finding the right people for YOUR business.
  • Belief Inviting
  • Exact scripts to increase your bookings.
  • Overcoming Objections.
  • How to handle Multi-Host Parties
  • How to run the perfect office, business and open house parties.
  • Creating a unique traveling trunk show
  • Party themes for every occasion
  • How to get the most out of the Income Producing Activity Calendar for bookings

Free Bonuses:

(1) Believe Inviting Worksheet. Value $197

This worksheet will help you formulate a booking script that:

  • Adds value to the prospect
  • Helps you identify who to call
  • Relieves you from ever feeling pushy
  • Provides you with transition phrases to build your confidence and makes your prospect feel comfortable and open to the idea of hosting
  • Alternate names for parties

(2) SIX Party Essentials Handouts:

  1. Snowman Soup Handout. Value $47
  2. Host a Fast 5 Handout. Value $97
  3. Gift Game – It’s a Treat Handout. Value $197
  4. Bodacious Bookings Handout. Value $197
  5. Get this Free – Booking Sign Handout. Value $47
  6. Dollar a Day Handout. Value $197

(3) Theme Party List: Value $97

(4) FIVE Traveling Trunk Show Documents: value $197

  • How to Market the Traveling Trunk Show
  • Traveling Trunk Show – $1000 Show Host Coaching
  • Traveling Trunk Show – Host Letter
  • Traveling Trunk Show – Kit Contents
  • Traveling Trunk Show – Kit Contract

MODULE #5: Master Your Host Coaching Faster

Learn how to become a success partner with your hostess and increase the benefits and your income through incredible Hostess coaching.


The module will give you the step-by-step process for making sure your hostess feels comfortable, has the biggest party, the most fun, and the more REWARDS. Learn exactly what you need to do from the moment you book until the moment you REBOOK.

Sometimes the difference between a $200 party and a $2,000 boils down to knowing exactly the best way to coach your host. Not only will your host feel more excited about the party, but the guests will too!

Having the right tools and scripts to host your coach will make ensure that you are preventing, suppressing, or completely avoiding any last minute cancellations. I want to show you exactly what your host coaching packet should include, give you the script to take the $200 to a $2,000 party, and ensure your hostess is ready to rebook another party at the end of the day!

Free Bonuses:

(1) Host Coaching Brochure. Value $197

This brochure will include:

  • 4 panel document (front and back)
  • Host Success Formula for an awesome party
  • Host success tips in an easy format to check off as she completes
  • Who to invite – sample guest list
  • How to take orders
  • Payment methods received
  • Offers business opportunity
  • Goals them higher sales at their party
  • Wish list
  • Your contact information for easy reference and partnership

(2) Hostess Support & Party Checklist - Worksheet. Value $197

  • Tracking sheet for consultants to ensure perfect host coaching before, during, and after their party/ show
  • Serves for tax purposes while tracking:
    • Party totals
    • Host benefits rewarded
    • Methods and totals of payments
    • Expenses
  • Tracks:
    • Bookings
    • Sponsoring Packets Given
    • Interviews Scheduled
    • Her Wish List

(3) FOUR Party Tools and Handouts

  1. Hostess Tic-Tac-Toe. Value $47
  2. Hostess Party Guest Challenge– These people want to come to your party! Value $97
  3. Smart, Smarter and Smartest. Value $147
  4. Host Invitation Letter – “Hostess with the Mostest” Event. Value $97

MODULE #6: Master Your Party Attendance Faster

Learn my proven systems for maximizing your income and attendance at every single party.


Want to know the secret for having high attendance at the party? This module will take you step-by-step through the best tips and tools on increasing attendance and thereby increasing income.

Should you text your guests or not? What should your responsibilities be versus your hostess's? Who should be invited and what is the best way to get them to come? All of these questions will be answered. Every secret to maximizing the number of attendees and boosting your per party income is handed to you in this module.

Free Bonuses: (1) Hostess Party Guest Challenge– These people want to come to your party! Value $97

  • Never struggle again with walking into an empty living room
  • Fun to support your host in creating a full guest list
  • Create incentives for your host
  • Shows you exactly how to fill your party with guests who are your ideal customers, hosts, business partners

(2) Theme Party “Death by Chocolate Party” Value $97

MODULE #7: Master Your Sales Faster

Catapult your sales by discovering and planning for multiple revenue streams through your business.


In this module I am going to show you some astonishing techniques and skills to explode your sales. You will be expanding your business to a higher level than you thought possible.

Outside of home parties there are a variety of different ways to create income with your business. The more creative, the better. With his training you will no only get a behind-the-scenes look into how I've created events that have brought in several thousand dollars, but you will also get the exact formulas for how I created them.

Free Bonuses:

  • Customer Care and Heart’s Desire List Handout - Value $197

  • Buyers Club Handout - Value $197
  • Peel and Win Handout - Value $197
  • Gift Certificates Handout - Value $97
  • Loyalty Cards - Value $97

MODULE #8: Master Your Party/ Show/ Appointment Experiences Faster

Want to make sure you never have an empty calendar again? This training will ensure you have the proper tools to book as many appointments as you'd like.


My clients LOVE the tools and techniques I've taught them in this module. Why? Because when your calendar is full, you stress less and enjoy your business more.

My favorite part?....I will teach you how to make sure your entire month is booked by the first week of each month.

You will learn how to create experiences for your hosts and guests that will leave them talking about you, your business, and your products well into the future. Amazing experiences lead to more bookings and team members.

Free Bonus:

Party Experience Checklist for Consultants. Value $197

MODULE #9: Master Obstacles and Objections Faster

Proven Techniques and Scripts to Overcome the Most Common Obstacles or Objections


Ever get stumped on how to respond or what to say to customers or a host? Those days are about to be behind you. This Module gives you the exact words and techniques to overcoming obstacles and objections.

"I'm too busy." "I don't have any time." "My husband wouldn't like it." "I don't have any money." "I don't do parties."

We've all heard those excuses, right?

  • Do you know what the most effective response is to each of those excuses are?
  • Do you know how to REALLY connect with your potential hostess or recruit?

Learning the secrets of turning a "No" into a "Yes" is what some of the most successful direct sales leaders have discovered for their business. I want to share with you some of the no-fail secrets that will help you to become a top-level leader with your company.

Free Bonus:

Overcoming Objections Reference Worksheet - Value $197

This worksheet provides answers and booking seeds for the most common objections:

  • Too busy
  • No time
  • Don’t do parties/shows/appointments
  • My husband won’t let me
  • No money
  • Don’t know anyon

MODULE #10: Master Your Sponsoring Faster

Build Incredible Confidence in Sponsoring New People Into Your Business Faster Than Ever

Friends Talking over Coffee

Are you ready to grow your team faster than ever? This module will not only teach YOU how to sponsor new people as fast as possible, but it will also give you the confidence to teach your TEAM how to sponsor as fast as possible.

The key to building a team at a fast rate is learning how to magnetize people to your team. Once you do this, you need to be an effective sponsor that will give new team members proven systems to make them a lifetime team member. What are the Top 10 Reasons Why People Should Join Your Team? Do you know what they are? In this module we will explore that together along with sharing some tools and systems to make sponsoring simple!

Free Bonuses:

(1) Ask Me About My Job Game with a Twist. Value $197

  • 20 questions and answers you can use to play this game
  • Question templates to just print and use
  • Has been known to produce up to 3 new team members to join your team right at the party.
  • My favorite sponsoring game EVER!
  • Peaks interest in identifying potential team members
  • Engages them in asking you questions and answering your questions

(2) Interview Scripts Handout. Value $197

  • 2 page interview
  • Includes scripting for trial closes
  • Helps you identify
    • Experience
    • Commitment
    • Skill-set
    • Potential bookings
    • income desired
    • Their “why”
  • What to do if they don’t say yes and “want to think about it”

(3) Common Values SheetValue $97

MODULE #11: Master Your New Consultants Success Start Faster

Getting your new recruits off to a great start and keep them engaged and moving through the compensation plan and career path to master their success faster.


This module gives you the tools and training needed to get your new recruits started and going for a successful business. Also good for re-starting or launching your own business.

Comprehensive, step-by-step instructions to introduce amazing results with your direct selling business. Using this exact system I was able to:


  • Consistently rank 200% higher than my peer group (top level leaders in company) in Sponsoring, Sales, and Promotion of Leaders (within my personal business and team)
  • Increased frontline by 85% in last 18 months with 92.8% qualification of new consultants



  • Maintained an 86% Active team (industry average is less than 33%)


Now it's YOUR turn.

In this module I am going to share with you the MOST PROFITABLE INFORMATION IN THE ENTIRE PROGRAM.

It is my secret to success and will completely revolutionize your business.

Free Bonuses:

(1) Revolutionize Your Training - Checklist. Value $397 (Worth the cost of the program!)

****This is the BEST TOOL IN THE WHOLE PROGRAM. I have had leaders use it to completely revolutionize their business.

This checklist includes:

  • Training Checklist
  • Upon Joining
  • Within 2 days of Joining
  • Within 2 days of kit arrival
  • Within 2 days of Grand Opening
  • The Grand Opening
  • Understanding promotions
  • Welcome Letter

MODULE #12: Master Social Media Faster

Using Social Media for Marketing and Building Your Direct Sales Business.


It's a new era of marketing and social media makes it easy for us to connect in a whole new way. However, most people do not know how to effectively build their business online.

In this module I will show you exactly how to increase your list and potential customers. Social media that is discussed:

  • Facebook
  • Skype
  • Pinterest
  • Goggle Plus
  • ooVoo
  • Instagram
  • Free conferences

Free Bonus:

Social Media for Today's Direct Seller Workbook.Value $197

This is 112 page workbook that includes step-by-step directions on how to:

  • Facebook
    • How to Send a Facebook Friend Request
    • How to Create a Facebook Business Page
    • How to Create a Group on Facebook
    • How to Upload a Photo/Video to Facebook
    • How to Create a Facebook Event
    • How to Attach Documents to a Facebook Group


    • How to Schedule Update to More Than One Group


    • How to Make a Call
    • How to Send a Friend Request
    • Conference Calling

    Pinterest Google+

    • How to Host a Video Party


    • How to Make a Call
    • How to Start a Video Conference


    • How to Share a Photo to Social Media
    • How to Add a Photo or Video to Your Website


A Personal Question From Becky

Let me ask you this:

What if just ONE of these modules could double your income?

Aside from the financial benefits, how much would that be worth in your your life? To your family? Towards feeling empowered and confident?

I know that you'll be glad you made the investment in yourself, once you have your first success in transforming your business.

I wish that I could have bought this kind of knowledge and results when I started my direct selling business. (If I could go back, I would gladly pay 10 times the amount.)

After coaching direct sellers for over 2 decades, I know one thing: If you don't make the decision to to invest in yourself and your business, there's a very, very small chance that your business will become the reality you are dreaming about.

It's time STOP wishing and set yourself apart from the rest of the pack by taking concrete ACTION towards a better future.


“Yes Becky, I’m ready to maximize every area of my business, explode my sales, enroll large numbers of new recruits, and take control of my financial future!”

This is possibly the most important investment you'll ever make in your business. With this program you will receive:

12 Pre-Recorded Training Calls:

  • Master Your Organization Faster: 90 minute Training
  • Master Your Systems and Success Accountability Faster: 90 minute Training
  • Master Your Mind-set Faster: 90 minute Training
  • Master Your Bookings Faster: 90 minute Training
  • Master Your Host Coaching Faster: 90 minute Training
  • Master Your Party Attendance Faster: 90 minute Training
  • Master Your Sales Faster: 90 minute Training
  • Master Your Party/ Show/ Appointment Experiences Faster: 90 minute Training
  • Master Obstacles and Objections Faster: 90 minute Training
  • Master Your Sponsoring Faster: 90 minute Training
  • Master Your New Consultants Success Start Faster: 90 minute Training
  • Master Social Media Faster: 90 minute Training

Over 30 Bonus Tools, Handouts, and Worksheets

  • Bonus #1 Tah-Dah List - $60 Value
  • Bonus #2 Conquer Your Productivity and Master Your Time Worksheet $97 Value
  • Bonus #3 Tax Deduction & Expense Report – Live Excel Sheet $397 Value
  • Bonus #4 New Consultant Welcome Template $97 Value
  • Bonus #5 The Power of Words – Transformational Vocabulary $97 Value
  • Bonus #6 100 No Challenge - Workbook $197 Value
  • Bonus #7 Believe Inviting Worksheet $197 Value
  • Bonus #8 Snowman Soup Handout $47 Value
  • Bonus #9 Host a Fast 5 Handout $97 Value
  • Bonus #10 Gift Game – It’s a Treat Handout $197 Value
  • Bonus #11 Bodacious Bookings Handout $197 Value
  • Bonus #12 Get this Free – Booking Sign Handout $47 Value
  • Bonus #13 Dollar a Day Handout $197 Value
  • Bonus #14 Host Coaching Brochure $197 Value
  • Bonus #15 Hostess Support & Party Checklist – Worksheet $197 Value
  • Bonus #16 Hostess Tic-Tac-Toe $47 Value
  • Bonus #17 Hostess Party Guest Challenge– These people want to come to your party! $97 Value
  • Bonus #18 Smart, Smarter and Smartest $147 Value
  • Bonus #19 Host Invitation Letter – “Hostess with the Mostest” Event $97 Value
  • Bonus #20 Theme Party “Death by Chocolate Party” $97 Value
  • Bonus #21 Customer Care and Heart’s Desire List Handout $197 Value
  • Bonus #22 Buyers Club Handout $197 Value
  • Bonus #23 Peel and Win Handout $197 Value
  • Bonus #24 Gift Certificates Handout $97 Value
  • Bonus #25 Party Experience Checklist for Consultants $197 Value
  • Bonus #26 Overcoming Objections Reference Worksheet $197 Value
  • Bonus #27 Ask Me About My Job Game with a Twist $197 Value
  • Bonus #28 Interview Scripts Handout $197 Value
  • Bonus #29 Revolutionize Your Training – Checklist $397 Value
  • Bonus #30 Social Media for Today’s Direct Seller Workbook $197 Value
  • Bonus #31 Time Tracking Sheet- $97 value
  • Bonus #32 30 Day Prospecting Challenge - $97 value
  • Bonus #33 Accountability Alliance Goal and Commitment Form – $197 value
  • Bonus #34 Accountability Alliance Meeting Form – $97 value

PLUS Addition Bonuses Include:

  • Private Facebook Community to discuss, share stories, and ask any questions - Value Priceless
  • 6 Expert Bonus Calls - Additional 6 calls from experts in the field.

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